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When you cross time zones faster than your circadian rhythms can adapt, you can suffer the results of jetlag. The good news is that by following these top tips you can minimise the impact and re-set your body clock quickly.

Realign with light

The brain fundamentally uses light to realign the fastest. Exercise combined with daylight first thing in the morning improves cognition considerably and begins to reset your internal body clocks.

Stay hydrated

On board dehydration occurs due to low cabin humidity of 20% compared to normal levels of 30-40%. This leads to a loss of moisture in the air which is why you may feel like you have the onset of a cold when you land. Drink 250 ml of water per hour during a flight to stay hydrated throughout. However, water alone isn’t the answer, you can also help replenish the minerals and vitamins lost through the act of travel by taking supplements.

Eating right

At altitude and in a reduced oxygen environment, the immune system is compromised and gases in the gut expand by 50% due to lower cabin pressure. To ease your gut back into normal action, avoid late night meals or midnight snacks from the hotel mini bar or room service; these can be a recipe for weight gain and metabolic trouble. Instead, opt for small meals before, and during flights. These are better tolerated than large meals. A meal of high carbs and low protein can also facilitate uptake of amino acid, tryptophan. This converts to serotonin which is known to support feelings of well-being and happiness and is also responsible for inducing drowsiness and sleep.

Caffeine in moderation

Caffeine consumption at the right time can support cognition and increase energy levels.
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